Custom indicators installation

What is needed?

In order you use the strategies generated by AlgoWizard in your trading platform (MetaTrader, Tradestation, MultiCharts, etc.) you need to do one more extra step – it needs to be done only one time before using your first AlgoWizard strategy.

Why is it needed?

AlgoWizard offers you some indicators that are not available on all the supported trading platforms, and some indicators are implemented differently in each platform. 

So in order to have your backtesting results consistent with your real trading we created our standard implementation of most of the indicators.

You need to download and install this standard implementation only once, then you can use your AlgoWizard strategies freely.

Step 1. Download custom indicators and unzip it to your disc

Download the ZIP file with custom indicators from the link below:

Step 2. Install the custom indicators

MetaTrader 4/5 users only

Simply copy all the *.mq4 or *.mq5 files from this folder to your MetaTrader installation.

How to find the correct MetaTrader folder to copy the indicators to:

  1. Open MetaTrader

  2. Go to File -> Open Data Folder – this will open MT folder in explorer window

  3. There go to MQL4 or MQL5, then to Indicators subfolder

  4. Copy all custom indicator files there – all files from folder /MetaTrader*/Indicators

  5. Custom indicators will be compiled and available in MetaTrader after you restart it

If you use more than one MetaTrader installations, you have to repeat this step for every MT4 installation you use or will use in the future.

Tradestation users only

Open Tradestation, go to File -> Import/Export EasyLanguage and choose Import EasyLangauge File (ELD, ELS or ELA).

then find the file: /Tradestation/SQ.eld in the UNZIPPED folder and import it.

This will import all the additional functions AlgoWizard uses, so your new strategies will run in Tradestation.

MultiChart users only

Open MultiCharts PowerLanguage editor, go to File -> Import..

then find the file: /Tradestation/SQ_MC.pla in the UNZIPPED folder and import it.

This will import all the additional functions AlgoWizard uses, so your new strategies will run in MultiCharts.