Create and backtest your trading ideas
Visual drag & drop strategy editor backed by backtesting engine

Build algo strategies in your browser in a visual way, no programming.

Create strategies for any market and timeframe.

Accurate backtests with high quality data

Export to with full source code to MT 4/5, Tradestation / MultiCharts

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mdls82 30.09.2022
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fokaso7708 02.06.2022
dammin2000 23.12.2021

How does it work?

It is simple to start.
Create conditions when to buy and when to sell, and your strategy will be backtested right away. Add or modify something and you’ll immediately see the impact.

High quality data and backtest engine

Professional quality data history is included:

Forex, CFDs, Crypto – High quality tick and minute data for forex, CDFs and crypto for 10+ years. Data provided by Dukascopy.
Equities – 30+ years of high quality daily data for US equities
Futures 10+ years of high quality continuous futures data (intraday and daily) for most common futures contracts

AlgoWizard uses StrategyQuant backtesting engine on the cloud for fast and accurate backtests.

Advanced results analysis

Results analysis as same as in StrategyQuant research platform.

Check equity chart, list of trades, overview or trade analysis.

Export to your target platform

Export the strategy as a source code for MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Tradestation or MultiCharts EasyLanguage.

Full source code, nothing is protected or hidden.

Work from any place, any computer

AlgoWizard is browser-based, so you can work from any place with internet connection. 

Securely store your startegies in your own cloud files or save them locally.

Convert your ideas into algos and use the free time to focus on other aspects of trading and life.

Start building your algos now